What's Coming Up

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  • Sunday Adult Christian Education

    Adult Christian Education at 9am in St. Barbara

    Episcopal Basics: How to Pray Using our Book of Common Prayer

    Our Prayer Book contains a practice over 500 years old designed to keep us in relationship with God and with Anglican Christians around the world through daily prayer, while

    systematically exploring the Bible.

    This practice, the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer, can be done with others or individually, and can be adapted, as needed. The first three weeks will teach and demonstrate how to pray daily Morning and Evening Prayer on one’s own. Beginners welcome! Please bring a Book of Common Prayer from home or the church. The last class will  offer practical suggestions on how to make our Sunday Eucharist experience more spiritual and meaningful. You need not attend all four classes: come as you are able!  

    June 3: How to pray Morning and Evening Prayer 1

    June 10: How to pray Morning and Evening Prayer 2

    June 17: How to pray Morning and Evening Prayer 3

    June 24: Deepening our spiritual experience of the Holy Eucharist

    Love Letters: 1, 2 and 3 John

    These three New Testament letters, attributed to the author of the Gospel according to John, expand on the theme that “God is love.” The classes, led by the clergy and

    friends, will help us appreciate both the historical background of the letters’ composition, and their timeless message of love. Bring a Bible in any translation, if you

    have one. No homework or preparation required.

    July 1: Intro to 1, 2, and 3 John

    July 8: 1 John Chapter 1

    July 15: 1 John 2

    July 22: 1 John 3

    July 29: 1 John 4

    August 5: 1 John 5

    August 12: 2 John 1

    August 19: Special Class! Director of Music, Joseph Ripka, on musical highlights of the coming year at All Saints’.

    August 26: 3 John 1

    Rosary Prayer for the Summer: 9:15am in the Chapel

  • Living Room Conversations

    Building on our three Shoulders Down events in 2017, these Living Room Conversations will give us opportunity for small group conversations on important topics across political and other differences. 

    Come join us for balanced, respectful talk outside of our “bubble” that seeks not to convince, but simply to share and to understand. Hosted by the All Saints’ Diversity and Reconciliation Committee. All sessions are from

    6:30 to 8pm in St. Barbara. Light refreshments served. Non-church members welcome - bring a friend! For more information on the format, see livingroomconversations.org. For more resources on important topics from different points of view, see allsides.com

    Tuesday, June 19: Relationships First

    How we treat each other is the difference between a great place to live and a bad place to live. We shape our world through relationships. Most people agree we want communities where all people have dignity and respect. Yet respectful interactions are often not what we see modeled in the media and in politics. And far too many people feel disrespected in their lives. What is our role in these dynamics?

    Tuesday, July 17: American Culture: Melting Pot, Salad Bowl, or Something Else?

    The American Melting Pot is a metaphor used since the 1780s to describe diverse cultures “melting” into one common American culture. As more and more people come here but maintain their homeland and regional cultures, it becomes harder and harder to describe a single, common American culture; perhaps the metaphor of a salad bowl is more appropriate today. Some people think this is as it should be, while others see value in a country having a shared culture, broadly speaking. In this conversation, we consider what IS American culture.

    Tuesday, August 21: Status and Privilege

    We joke about “keeping up with the Joneses” — but there’s real competition in our society for status and the accompanying privilege. How do we decide what we most value that bestows this status? While our country seems to favor wealth, there are other forms of status and privilege. What privilege do each of us enjoy? And how does that correspond with our status? This conversation examines our own status and how we use our status in everyday life. From education to wealth to gender to race, let’s talk about what we have…and what we desire.

  • What's Up For Children, Youth & Families

    This Weekend

    All Saints’ Nursery for babies to 4 years

    Sunday mornings 8:30am to 11:30am in the church’s north wing.


    Children's Chapel this Sunday at 10am.  


  • Save the Date: All Saints' All-Parish Chapel Rock Day

    Saturday, August 25, will be our All Saints' All-Parish Chapel Rock Day! Children, youth, adults, and families are all invited to join your parish family for a day in the cool pines of Prescott. Come for  a day of  team-building exercises, ropes courses, story sharing, and other activities, and get to know the amazing members of our community better than ever! (There will be activities for those who opt out of the more active aspects of the challenge courses as well.) Look for more information in your email and bulletin in the coming weeks!


  • Women's Breakfast

    Our Newest Fellowship Group to Gather: Next Breakfast Tuesday, August 8. 

    Join us for breakfast, once a month, for conversation and breakfast at NEW VENUE Scott's Generations Deli at 7th Street and Glendale on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9am. Contact Joyce at jamoderow@gmail.com or 602-957-3211 for more information, or to let her know how many chairs to save!

  • Men's Breakfast

    Next gatherings:  Thursday, August 9

    Join the men of All Saints' for breakfast and conversation on the second Thursday of each month, from 7-8am at Scott's Generations Deli on the Northeast corner of 7th Street and Glendale (Madison Village Marketplace, 742 E. Glendale Ave).  All ages welcome. 


    Wednesday, September 12 - Have a great summer! See you in September.  

    Join us for the healing Eucharist at 10:00am in the Chapel followed by the class: “All About the Saints” at 10:45am in St. Barbara II. Everyone is welcome. We will meet in the St. Barbara meeting rooms for lunch and the program at 12:00pm.    

  • All Saints' Prison Ministry

    Send a Prisoner a Message of God's Love

    Matthew 25:36 "For I was in prison and you visited me."

    As Episcopalians, we promise in our Baptismal Covenant to "strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being."   Many of the prisoners experience isolation, rejection by family, and suffer deeply from being separated from their children.  A few encouraging words from your heart can brighten their day and uplift their hearts.  

    Donations of cards and stamps are gratefully accepted for this ministry.  If you would like more information, contact Lora Villasenor at lmvillasenor@msn.com.

    Watch for service dates coming soon. 

  • Evening Prayer

    An Invitation to Deeper Faith and Sustaining A Tradition

    Evening Prayer every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 5:30pm in the Holy Innocents' Chapel. 

  • Centering Prayer

    Saturdays 8:30am, the All Saints’ Centering Prayer Group has weekly meetings in the Chapel. This time of prayer is open to anyone who is interested in practicing the ancient, yet timely practice of Centering Prayer, or learning more about it. The Practice of Centering Prayer familiarizes us with God’s first language – SILENCE. Participation in a weekly Centering Prayer group encourages perseverance in your individual practice, further input through resources and discussions, and an opportunity to share the spiritual journey. Additional information can be found in the Centering Prayer brochure, located in the tract rack, or by contacting Robin Wright at rbnrit@cox.net, Sara Soller at sara.soller@gmail.com, or Jennifer King at jbk393@yahoo.com.


  • Got Prayer?

    Are you happy with your prayer life? Would you like to learn more about prayer? Would you like to join with others and explore the practice of prayer? The Prayer Team offers a class that is a general primer on prayer and provides the background required for an invitation to potentially join the All Saints' Prayer Team ministry. Contact Tim Hyland for information at thyland@cavanaghlaw.com.  

  • Outreach Opportunities  

    FAITH IN ACTION Opportunities

    Are you seeking ways to give back to our community? Are you in need of tangible ways to say thank you for all the gifts you’ve been given?  Here are some opportunities to provide your time and talents to some of our partner organizations:

    To volunteer with St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance:


    To volunteer with Andre House:


    To volunteer with ICM Food and Clothing Bank:


    To volunteer with Feed My Starving Children:


    To volunteer with Homeward Bound Pathways Out of Poverty: 


    To volunteer with Phoenix Rescue Mission:



  • Intrinsic Melodies: 

    Music for the Young and Young-at-Heart

    Megan Reed offers high quality and fun music education for parents and children with classes on our campus.

    Toddlers (walking –3)  
    Kids (2s and 3s)  

    Big Kids (ages 4-5)  

    Young Musicians (K-Grade 2) 

    Introductory Rates: $70/month or $200/4 month semester. 

    Simply Music Piano by appointment. (Age 6 - adult) Contact Megan to set up a time. 

    $30/private lesson or $20/group lesson.

    More information at im-music.com
    Taught by: Megan Reed, Master of Music Performance,
    Yale University, Master of Music Education, VanderCook College
    of Music. Contact Megan at 602-327-0493 or mbreed73@gmail.com.