The Rev. Chuck Sowinski

I am honored and blessed to represent you on the altar as your deacon here at All Saints’. More importantly I am blessed to serve you each time I meet you and learn from your sharing your story. To me it is an honor and a blessing to talk to you as I see and hear Jesus the Christ in each of you. A bit about my story. I grew up Roman Catholic and joined the Episcopal Church about eight years now. I am Franciscan in background and spirituality as I went to a Franciscan seminary so laughter is most welcome. I also have Eastern Orthodox tendencies. In side All Saints’ I serve as the chaplain for the Mourner’s Path and I am liaison for the Community of Hope International. Outside of church I am chaplain for the Native American Community Patina Wellness Center which focuses on the entire recovery process for addiction and substance abuse, Diocesan (Episcopal) Committee on Disability Concerns, a member of Central Village and I help with the Deacon Formation Academy.

The things I like are speaking French, fishing, camping and just being outdoors. It’s a Franciscan thing I guess. Having a stroke has cut that down, but it has opened new doors as I do everything I am not supposed to do which has helped my recovery. I do love eating and classical music. Chopin is my guy as we are both Polish. I just enjoy being with friends family and you. I want to hear what you like and what you would like to do. Talk to me.