Weekly Worship Services

Celebrations of the Holy Eucharist

SUMMER SCHEDULE runs through September 7, 2018

Saturday 5:00pm

Sunday 7:30am

Sunday 10:00am

Wednesday 7:00am

Wednesday 10:00am

With an emphasis on beautiful liturgy in our Episcopal tradition and excellence in music, worship at All Saints' provides an opportunity to give thanks and praise to God.  We offer a variety of services so you can find just the right setting to make your worship time meaningful, comforting, and inspiring.  

We engage all our senses, sharing music, listening to the word of God in Scripture and participating in a communal symbolic meal. Your ears will hear the spoken and sung voice along with the sounds of the pipe organ. Your hands will be able to touch holy water upon entering, your forehead as you make the "sign of the cross" and the hands of others as we share the Peace of the Lord. Your eyes will see light and shadow, rich colors cast by stained glass windows and candles, and art both ancient and new expressing visually the faith of the Church. Your nose will smell candles burning and sometimes incense, and your tongue will taste the Bread of Heaven and the Cup of Salvation. Traditional Christian worship is active, and invites the participation of the entire congregation.

  • More Intimate Settings

    Saturday 5:00pm Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

    A quiet evening service that includes prayers, readings, a sermon, and communion.

    Sunday 7:30am Holy Eucharist in the Church

    A quiet morning service that includes prayers, readings, a sermon, and communion.

    Wednesday 7:00am Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

    A quiet morning service that includes healing prayers and anointing, readings, a sermon, and communion.

    Wednesday 10:00am Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

    A quiet morning service that includes healing prayers and anointing, readings, a sermon, and communion.

  • Families "Come As You Are"

    Summer Worship Schedule runs through September 7, 2018 -- SUNDAY 10:00AM HOLY EUCHARIST

    (Regular Program Year--September through May:  Sunday 9:00am Holy Eucharist in the Church) 

    This main worship gathering combines traditional and contemporary elements in a service that is comfortable for all ages. With varied, mostly traditional music, a brief and relevant sermon, prayers, readings and communion in just under an hour. Children come in at communion from their Children’s Chapel.

  • Children's Chapel

    Summer Worship Schedule runs through September 7, 2018:  SUNDAY 10:00AM in the Holy Innocents' Chapel

    (Regular Program Year--September through May: Sunday 9:00am in the Holy Innocents' Chapel) 


    Children's Chapel is offered most Sundays for all children to Grade 3. Children join their families in church through the Liturgy of the Word (the Bible readings). Children and any parents and caregivers who wish to accompany them follow the Children’s Chapel cross, in procession down the center aisle, to the Chapel of the Holy Innocents. Clergy, staff, and volunteers welcome children to a place where they can explore the Gospel message through music, develop a love of singing, and share in learning how we worship as Episcopalians. Each Children’s Chapel gathering encourages children to develop at their own pace. Children return to the sanctuary at the Peace to receive communion with their families and the whole community. Parents are always encouraged and welcome to attend Children’s Chapel.   

  • True To Our Tradition

    Summer Worship Schedule runs through September 7, 2018: SUNDAY 10:00AM HOLY EUCHARIST

    (Regular Program Year--September through May: Sunday 11:00am Choral Eucharist in the Church)

    This main worship gathering features traditional worship, including music by the Senior Choir, organ, prayers, readings, a sermon, and communion.


  • Fourth Sundays

    Every fourth Sunday of the month from September through April, the liturgy at 11:00am has our most traditional orientation with more "sung" pieces of the liturgy, centuries-old texts, and incense to highlight the richness of the Anglican tradition. Beautiful choral settings of the Mass are sung by our Chamber Choir--a rare chance to hear great choral works composed for liturgy actually used in worship. Mass settings include those by Darke, Victoria, Stanford, Sumsion, Byrd, Howells, and others. 

    The Full Senior Choir sings at 9:00am on the Fourth Sunday.

  • Choral Evensong

    A deeply moving service with candlelight, sung prayers, chant, and incense. Sung the Second Sunday of the Month, October through April. Evensong is one of the jewels of the Anglican tradition, with sung settings of the psalms, evening canticles and prayers from the 1662 Prayer Book. Evensong will now start at 4:00pm featuring the Chamber Choir. The organ recital will follow the service, with a reception after in St. Barbara. 

  • More Prayer Offerings

    Rosary Prayer:  Summer Schedule runs through September 7, 2018 -- Sunday 9:15am in the Chapel

    September through May: 10:15am in the Chapel

    A 20-minute devotion that guides us on a journey with God through the joy, sorrow and ultimately the light and glory of our life in Christ.

    Centering Prayer, Saturday 8:30am in the Chapel

    The All Saints’ Centering Prayer Group now has weekly meetings in the Chapel. This time of prayer is open to anyone who is interested in practicing the ancient, yet timely practice of Centering Prayer, or learning more about it. The Practice of Centering Prayer familiarizes us with God’s first language – SILENCE. Participation in a weekly Centering Prayer group encourages perseverance in your individual practice, further input through resources and discussions, and an opportunity to share the spiritual journey.

    Evening Prayer: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:30pm in the Chapel

    A lay-led prayer service that follows the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer proving a way to deepen your faith . . . DAILY—with one of the best practices of Christian discipleship in our Anglican tradition. 

    Private Prayers During Communion

    Every Sunday, we offer healing prayer to all those who want it during the main Sunday services (9:00am and 11:00am). You will find two Prayer Team members at the back of the church, in the first two pews from the doors EVERY SUNDAY. We will pray for you and with you–everything held in total confidence. If there is something on your heart you would like to pray about, this is a perfect time and place.