Getting to Know You

Who are our neighbors? What do we, as the All Saints’ community, have to offer them? And how can we reach out to let them know? These are the questions the All Saints’ Mission Strategy Task Force has been asking this year. Thanks be to God, our church is strong and healthy. Building on that health, and on the RenewalWorks process our parish engaged in a while back, our Mission Strategy Task Force has been working on how we as a church community can meet Jesus’ call to love and serve our neighbors more fully, especially as the relationship between the wider culture and spiritual practice grows ever more complicated.


So far, we have studied demographic data for North Central Phoenix, and begun to brainstorm about what that information tells us about who our geographic neighbors are and what it will mean to share the good news of God in Christ as our community understands it with them. As we studied the data, however, one of our members said, “I would like to know this same information about the All Saints’ community. How can we serve our neighbors unless we know ourselves?”


Who are we? How diverse are we, and in what ways? At what points do we match our neighbors in the broader community, and at what points might we learn from our differences? Knowing these similarities and differences, how do we reach out to our neighbors and offer them the treasure we possess in the gospel, in the beauty of our worship, in the warmth of our community, in our reasoned and inclusive theology, and in our love for one another and for God?


We hope by the end of this program year to have some strategic answers to these questions to pass on to marketing and evangelism task forces, but we need your help to get us there! 

Please take our easy, 10-minute, online survey! 

You can find it by clicking here.


The more members of All Saints’ who take the survey, the more accurate our data will be, and the better our strategic thinking and planning will be!


Be assured that we are collecting demographic data about our community as a whole and never about specific individuals, so all survey results will be collected anonymously through SurveyMonkey. Also note that some of the questions in the survey are a little oddly worded. This is to match the wording of questions in PEW research or census data, so we can compare apples to apples when we look at the two data sets. Just answer as best you can – this is not a test, and there are no wrong answers! Thank you so much in advance for your help with this ambitious project!