Our Mission

Welcoming all to transformation in Jesus Christ

through prayer, learning, service, and connection in the Episcopal tradition.

Welcoming all . . .
We welcome all to All Saints’ Episcopal Church. Here you will find a diverse community: conservatives and liberals, seniors and young families, singles and those in committed partnerships of different sexual orientations, from different economic and cultural backgrounds. How do we maintain this “Big Tent” in such polarized times? We are non-partisan, respect the dignity of every person, and practice a centrist tradition of the Gospel that binds us together, following Jesus Christ according to the Episcopal middle way. 

to transformation in Jesus Christ . . .
We strive to follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ as his disciples in all we do, growing more and more into people of faith, hope and love, nourished by God’s Word and Sacraments.

through prayer . . .
Our worship is according to the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, and comes from a tradition that combines the best of Catholic and Protestant elements. Our worship varies from small, daily services to large, festive gatherings; it is always reverent, encouraging, and according to the patterns of the ancient Church. Wear what is comfortable for you, and expect friendly smiles from clergy and members alike.

We are known for some of the finest traditional music in the Valley, and we commit ourselves to offering our very best in the worship of God. Our choirs and organists provide beautiful Anglican music for our Sunday services, as well as monthly Choral Evensong in the evening.

learning . . .

We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit. We offer fine Christian education for our youngest up to our seniors. To learn more about the faith, whether in a class, a small group, or through a sermon, helps us see our daily lives more and more through the eyes of Christ. All Saints’ is also blessed with a wonderful day school of some 500 students in grades Pre-K through 8. To find out more about our school, please visit allsaints.org.

service . . .
When we pray and learn, we are nourished and strengthened to live out our faith in the world around us. We offer dozens of opportunities to serve those in need at our church and in the community at large. Some of these are “official” ministries, like serving at the altar, our pastoral care  team, and partnerships with ICM Food and Clothing Bank and St. Paul’s Church and School in Haiti. Often our most effective  service is in our daily life and work, as God places us in environments where we can make a difference.

and connection . . .
It can be hard to follow Jesus as a disciple. What really helps build our character is to have friendships with those who encourage us in our Christian lives. We offer a variety of ways to connect with fellow members at All Saints’. Christian community gives us a place to share our joys and our sorrows. We are here for each other, and we love to have fun together.

in the Episcopal tradition.
All Saints’, as a parish in The Episcopal Church, is part of the 77 million member world-wide Anglican communion in over 160 countries. While we originate out of the Church of England, our roots extend back to the earliest days of Christianity, with a spirituality that was shaped by monastic and Roman Catholic traditions, with a Reformation emphasis on Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.

What We Believe

Many churches have a formal statement about what they believe. As Episcopalians, we do have a brief catechism but we say that the best way to understand what we believe is to worship with us. Our Book of Common Prayer gathers what we believe into the prayers we use. Some people have a misconception that as an Episcopalian you can believe whatever you want, or that we are “Catholic lite.” Actually, in core matters of faith we hold to the historic creeds, the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed, and we recite them at almost every service. The other texts in our Book of Common Prayer are drawn largely from language in the Bible itself. At All Saints’ you will find many traditions of the Church treasured and taught to all ages. But our Episcopal heritage also teaches us to use our God-given minds to ask tough questions and explore our faith. Scripture is interpreted with the help of Tradition and Reason. We believe that beyond the unchanging core of truth, there are many areas of faith and life on which believing people can respectfully disagree. At All Saints’ we regularly engage in lively discussion on how our ancient faith and contemporary lives intersect, and we don’t all come up with the same answers. In an era of uniformity in many houses of prayer, All Saints’ is a diverse community of theological and political conservatives, liberals, and moderates, united by our Book of Common Prayer and in our shared commitment to Pray, Learn, Serve and Connect together, as our savior Jesus Christ taught us to do. Come spend time with us, and see what we mean. All are welcome!