Becoming A Member

Official membership at All Saints’ is not required in order to participate in our common life.

All baptized Christians from any church background may receive Holy Communion.

Only a few ministries require membership, such as serving on the Vestry, our elected board of lay leaders.

We encourage newcomers to get to know us before committing to membership.

Newcomers are urged to attend our newcomer events and our ministry trainings.

When you are ready to commit to formal membership, we invite you to attend the Rector’s class called
“The Path of Discipleship: Adult Confirmation Class,” which meets over 8 weeks in late winter and
early spring.  “The Path of Discipleship” leads to membership, as well as baptism, confirmation, reception, or
reaffirmation, as appropriate, during the Bishop’s visit. Members of other Episcopal
churches who are transferring to All Saints’  are not required to attend “The Path of Discipleship” but are urged to do so.

What Is Expected of Members

What is Expected of Members
Official church members are expected to follow the Baptismal Covenant (BCP p. 304), which we renew at every baptism. At All Saints’, this takes form in our shared commitment to follow Jesus Christ as we Pray, Learn, Serve, and Connect.

More specifically, we encourage:

  • Weekly attendance at our common worship in the Eucharist and some form of daily prayer (see the clergy or our website for training on how to pray).
  • Regular learning about the faith in our classes, in small groups, and in individual study.
  • Service to those in need, both in formal ministries and informally in our daily life and work. We can help you identify the gifts God has given you for ministry in our ministry trainings. Part of our service is making an annual pledge of financial commitment to the ministries of All Saints’ Church, as one is able, recognizing the goal of the tithe (10% of one’s income to the Church and other charitable causes).
  • Connecting with fellow members for mutual encouragement and spiritual support through ministry involvement and friendship.