The Christian faith comforts us with the belief that not even death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Upon the death of a loved one please be in touch with one of the current All Saints’ clergy as soon as possible. The clergy are here to provide pastoral support and guidance in scheduling and planning the service of Christian Burial.

For those who wish it, the Church provides, with help from the Daughters of the King, a simple reception, immediately following a funeral or memorial service. This provides family members an opportunity to greet friends. There is a small donation requested for this service and arrangements are made through the Church Office.

The Close at All Saints’
Over the years many Episcopalians have preferred to have their loved ones buried near their church. The Close is in no way a conventional cemetery. It provides for the disposition of cremated remains in an attractively landscaped and fenced yard which serves both as a protected resting place and as a quiet garden of meditation. Ashes are buried directly in the earth carrying forth the symbolism of the words of the Burial Office which says, “ashes to ashes, earth to earth, and dust to dust.” While specific burial places are not marked, bronze plaques may be placed in the designated area of the Close to serve as memorials.

Cost, by comparison with other places now available for burial, are very competitive. The charge for the burial of ashes is $1,500.00, which provides for burial of the ashes, a standard bronze memorial plaque and perpetual care of the garden.

Prepayment of the burial fee is advisable in that it helps both to reserve a place at the current price and to relieve family members of wondering if they have made the right decision as to the disposition of your earthly remains. Indeed, one of the most loving and concerned things that you can do now for those who you love the most is to consult with one of the parish clergy concerning your wishes and desires at the time of your death. In so doing, you will relieve your loved ones of many difficult and painful decisions.  Further information may be obtained by consulting the Church Office at 602-279-5539.

For your convenience, we have provided access to documents that may assist you in family life decisions.

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