Recent Adult Christian Education Classes

Scroll down to see what we have done recently and through the past few years to give you a flavor of our Sunday Adult Christian Education offerings. 

2020 Adult Christian Education

Sundays at 10:10am in St. Barbara


January 12:  New Year, New Life: The Quest for Digital Simplicity

It’s so difficult to nurture a quiet mind and calm spirit in the midst of digital chaos. Spend time with Deacon Patrice Taylor to explore how you can tame your social media, internet, and digital communications habits to improve your capacity to focus on meaningful goals, reduce materialism, and live a more centered Christian life.


January 19:  Annual Budget Review

January 26:  Annual Meeting in the Church


February Teaching Series: Are You a Disciple? (Fr. Reed)

February 2, 9, 16 and 23 in the St. Barbara Rooms

In my years as your Rector, you’ve heard me use over and over again the words “disciple” and “discipleship.” If I had to sum up the theological theme of my ministry here, it might be: choose to be a disciple of Jesus and follow him by praying, learning, serving, and connecting. One of my very first classes at All Saints’ in 2009 was about discipleship. In this, my last teaching series with you, I will reflect again on this essential topic. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus in the present day? How do you do it, with God’s help? What practices are useful? And what difference will it make in your life (both life-giving and challenging) if you choose to accept his invitation and follow him?


March 1: Walk the Labyrinth on the First Sunday in Lent

Begin your Lenten pilgrimage this year with a journey into the labyrinth. A labyrinth is a walking meditation that represents an individual’s journey through the world in search of God. One of the oldest symbols known to humankind, the labyrinth is an ancient geometric shape that does not occur in nature, but that has existed since at least 440 BCE. In Medieval Europe, walking a cathedral labyrinth became a substitute for  a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a long and arduous journey that not everyone could make. All ages are invited to participate. The Labyrinth will be available following the 7:30am, 9am, and 11am services (from 8:30am-1:00pm) on Sunday, March 1. Come and see where your journey will take you!


March 8:    Some Reflections on The Saint John’s Bible at All Saints’: Past Present, and Future. Fr. Poulson Reed


March 15:  It’s Your Last Chance!

Join the Rector for an informal conversation about his 10 and a half years at All Saints’.  Bring your questions.


March 22 – December 31 Sunday education was replaced with online offerings due to COVID-19 Restrictions


Walking the Road to Resurrection

Lenten Thursday Evening Series became a YouTube-based Teaching Series

Leader and Teacher: Lucian Taylor

Thursdays March 5, 12, 19, 26

Each of us is on a journey toward Jesus. Our early years of faith are often blessed with a sense of ease and wonder. But then seasons change, and we find ourselves walking a darker road filled with opposition, betrayal, suffering, even death. We avoid this path at all costs, yet this is the road to resurrection. Join us for this 4-part Lenten series as we follow Jesus walking this road, and discover that the end of this road is not death, but joyous life forever with God.

Week 1: “Walking the Road of Popularity”      45 minute video

Week 2: “Walking the Road of Opposition”     45 minute video

Week 3: “Walking the Road to Crucifixion”     45 minute video

Week 4: “Walking the Road to Resurrection”    45 minute video


Relationship is Essential

YouTube-Based Teaching Series

Leader and Teacher: Lucian Taylor

Spring 2020

Week 1: “Relationship is Essential to Being”      45 minute video

Week 2: “Relationship is Essential to Becoming”     45 minute video

Week 3: “Relationship is Essential to Belonging”     60 minute video


"What We Believe"

A Gentle Walk through the Episcopal Catechism

Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm on Zoom

October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16

Our Interim Rector, Fr. Bill Lupfer will help us to turn belief into spiritual practice in this weeknight class offering. The online Zoom format will enable a more interactive approach to discussing the outline of the faith, commonly called the Catechism. We look forward to bringing a new or greater understanding to how we are called to live as Christians, especially in today's landscape filled with difficult circumstances.


To Join the Zoom Meeting, click on the link (also on website)

Meeting ID: 867 6429 3646  Passcode: 844037

Or email Write "Fr. Bill's Class" in the subject line.

"The Gathering to Grow" Home Study Group
with Patrice & Lucian Taylor

The second and fourth Monday evenings of the month, 6:30pm to 8:00pm, September 28, October 12 and 26, and November 16 and 30.  

As we all contend with pandemic living, are you feeling stressed and a little imprisoned? Are you wondering if there's any meaning in this suffering? If so, you’ll want to join Deacon Patrice Al-Shatti Taylor and educator Lucian Taylor for the Fall session of Gathering to Grow, a Zoom-based small group where we care for each other through teaching, fellowship, and prayer. This session, we will be studying the life and work of the apostle Paul while living under house arrest. There we hope to find nuggets of inspiration for our situation as well as laughter and support in the hearts of each other. 


Here’s an outline of the teaching series: 

Making the Most of Your House Arrest: The Apostle Paul’s Guide to Thriving Under Pressure


September 28: The Root of the House Arrest: An Unjust Imprisonment

and Breaking up the Ground: Suffering, Praying, and Sharing

October 12: Growing Under Pressure, Part 1: Writing the Book of Ephesians

October 26: Growing Under Pressure, Part 2: Writing the Book of Philippians

November 16: Growing Under Pressure, Part 3: Writing the Book of Colossians

November 30: The Fruit of House Arrest: 5 Billion Souls Touched by God


Please join us by emailing Patrice at In gathering, we all grow.




2019 Adult Christian Education

January 6: All About Epiphany  Come learn about the feast of the Epiphany, which is January 6, and the traditions associated with it (Fr. Reed).


January 13: Looking Forward to 2019. Come join the Rector to hear about some of the exciting things coming to All Saints’in 2019.

January 20: Annual Budget Presentation

January 27: Annual Parish Meeting

Enter Again into Yourself: the Many Benefits of Fasting February 3, 10, 17: Saint Augustine once said that fasting “cleanses the soul, raises the mind, subjects one’s flesh to the Spirit, renders the heart contrite and humble” and helps you “enter again into yourself.” Many different religions have a practice of fasting, which is not the same as dieting. We will learn some of the history of fasting, how and why Jesus fasted, and discuss its spiritual and health benefits. Might some of us consider a form of fasting in Lent, which begins March 6? We will cover practical questions, such as how to fast, and what the popular “Daniel fast” is all about. Taught by Father Reed.

February 24: The entire parish is invited to a fun hands-on exploration of Icons. John Kosmas Skinas wrote “ most of the art we’re used to screams “Look at me, Look at me”… Icons whisper “Look at God. Look at God.” Check out some icons and how they are used in prayer and study, and try your hand at creating your own icon.

March 3: Keeping a Prayer Book Lent. What does our Book of Common Prayer suggest to us about how to keep a holy Lent? (Fr. Reed)

March 10: Saint John’s Bible Sunday. Join guest teacher Susan Rose for her insights on the Spirituality of the Saint John’s Bible illuminations.

March 17: The Real Saint Patrick. Who was Saint Patrick, and what can his life teach us about following Jesus in our own day? (Fr. Reed)

March 24: Haiti Update. Join parishioner and school faculty member Dr. Beth Carson as she shares the latest on the recent turmoil in Haiti.

March 31: Learn about our Community of Hope

A Community of Hope International Circle is a lay led, Benedictine-based community designed to provide various forms of pastoral care. Being “present” in a listening, compassionate and non-controlling manner is one key role of the pastoral care giver. Ongoing practical lessons, spiritual formation, and interaction with other COH members prepares and maintains one for this servant ministry. All Saints’ will begin the training process for a new class to join our circle of care. If you would like to find out more about how this group can help you or someone you love, or are interested in more information about the formation, join us for this adult education class. If you need more information contact Erin Oney at

April 7: Why Was Jesus Killed? (Fr. Reed). As we prepare for Holy Week, we will consider why Jesus was such a threat that some wanted him killed, and also, why God allowed Jesus to suffer and die.

April 14: Station of the Cross for All

As Holy Week begins, join us for an abbreviated experiential version of the Stations of the Cross for all.

April 21: no Christian education for Easter Day

April 28 and May 5: Parishioner and vintner, Kim Hartleroad will teach us about Wine in the Bible.

The two-session class was inspired by the book "Wine in the Bible - A Biblical Reference to Ancient Grape Growing and Winemaking" authored by Jabier Marquinez. Jabier Marquínez is a winemaker, currently working in Rioja, Spain where he makes both young red wines and Kosher wines. From his work and other sources we will see how wine was an inseparable part of the ancient Israeli diet with direct references form the Old and New Testaments. You will learn about specific vineyard practices, ancient winery technology, and the use of wine as medicine and dyes. Finally, we will compare the currents teachings of wine consumption by various religions and come to some conclusions about what the Bible really teaches and how this has been interpreted in the Catholic and Protestant denominations. We will touch upon why even the research into wine and the Bible has often been difficult due to the various translations - from the Hebrew Bible, the Greek Bible, the Complutensian Polyglot Bible and more.   Other than bread and water, wine is the most referenced subject in the Bible. Join us to find out why.

May 12: Meet the new Bishop of Arizona, the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Reddall and learn about her vision for the Diocese of Arizona. 

May 19: Parishioner, Terry Johnson will share the vision and progress of the new needlepoint chapel kneelers. In addition, Fr. Reed will be blessing the painted canvases and the stitchers who will be working on the canvases, which will ultimately be kneelers for the Chapel of Holy Innocents at the 5pm service the day before, on Saturday, May 18. Terry Johnson will share a bit of the background on the project at that time also.

May 26: Learn More About JustFaith

Find out more about the upcoming “JustFaith Cohort” that starts this Fall, on Tuesday, September 10. Just Faith is a program that invites participants to live more simply and compassionately, and make a difference by responding to the needs of the world. The program is led by lay facilitators, and supported by our clergy. The small group dynamic (12-15 participants) encourages the group to share and bond in a very special way and form a new small community, and also to connect with the two prior cohorts of All Saints’ JustFaith alumni. This small group program lasts 24 weeks, meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings. There will also be two Saturday retreats and several immersion opportunities. We will be offering the program beginning September 10, 2019 and continuing until March 10, 2020. For more information: Billy Shields at or 602-451-6654; or Lucy Guernsey at or 626-487-8944 or Colleen Warner at and 602-206-9754.

The First and Second Letters of Peter, and the Letter of Jude (Sundays at 9am in Saint Barbara)

Once again this summer, we will explore parts of the New Testament that are often ignored, led by our clergy and friends. These three, short biblical letters are closely connected. And they offer some intriguing questions, which we will explore. How are they related? Were they really written by Peter and Jude? What do we make of some of their “problem passages”? And how do their discussions of the relationship of Christian community to the pagan culture around them have wisdom for us in our own day? Please bring a Bible in any translation. You are welcome to read the chapter in advance, but not required to do so.

June 2: Introduction and 1 Peter Chapter 1

June 9: 1 Peter 2

June 16: 1 Peter 3

June 23: 1 Peter 4

June 30: 1 Peter 5

July 7: 2 Peter 1

July 14: 2 Peter 2

July 21: 2 Peter 3

July 28: Jude

August 4: Find out more about the upcoming “JustFaith Cohort” that starts this Fall, on Tuesday, September 10. Just Faith is a program that invites participants to live more simply and compassionately, and make a difference by responding to the needs of the world. The program is led by lay facilitators, and supported by our clergy. The small group dynamic (12-15 participants) encourages the group to share and bond in a very special way and form a new small community, and also to connect with the two prior cohorts of All Saints’ JustFaith alumni. This small group program lasts 24 weeks, meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings. There will also be two Saturday retreats and several immersion opportunities. We will be offering the program beginning September 10, 2019 and continuing until March 10, 2020. For more information: Billy Shields at or 602-451-6654; or Lucy Guernsey at or 626-487-8944 or Colleen Warner at and 602-206-9754.

August 11: Pastors Joie Baker and Emilie Finn chat about what’s coming up for Children, Youth, and Families

August 18: Director of Music Joey Ripka will share about the music for the 2019-2020 season

August 25: Join the Rector to learn about some of the exciting things coming this year in Adult Christian Education.

September 1: No Education on Labor Day Weekend


Don’t know the Bible stories well? Not sure how we understand the Bible as Episcopalians? Confused about how to develop a regular practice of reading the Bible?   Studies have shown that regular reading of the Bible is one of the strongest indicators for spiritual vitality, and yet Episcopalians tend to read the Bible less frequently than most other Christians. 

Over six interactive classes, we will:

  • Read through and discuss some of the major stories of the Bible
  • Learn how Episcopalians interpret the Bible
  • Learn how to read, pray with, and use the Bible for spiritual growth

Book for the class: “The Path: A Journey Through the Bible” by Forward Movement. Participants are encouraged to order the book (on your own) and read four chapters per week. “The Path” describes itself as being “a clear and easy-to-read introduction to the grand story of the Bible….an amazing 360-degree overview of the vast, sweeping epic of God’s extraordinary love for ordinary people.” 

September 8: Exploring the Bible

September 15: Exploring the Bible

September 22: All Parish Breakfast Potluck

September 29: Exploring the Bible

October 6: No Christian education (Blessing of the Animals at 9am)

October 13: Exploring the Bible

October 20: Special Guest: The Rev. Scott Gunn, Executive Director of Forward Movement

October 27: Pledge Commitment Sunday Brunch

November 3: Exploring the Bible

November 10: Exploring the Bible

November 17: Chasing Vermeer. Sue Kapp leads this class to celebrate her accomplishment of seeing the last of 36 Vermeer paintings, a lifetime passion.

November 24: All-Parish Christian Education—Glenda Morrissey and Dawn Trueblood will lead an inter-generational Advent gathering with an Advent activity with anyone interested in participating - young and experienced!  This will be a project that can be taken home and used to remind and focus on the season of Advent.  

Relationship is Essential, A 3-part teaching series led by Lucian Taylor.

Being in relationship with God and each other is essential to living a heathy and whole life that accomplishes God’s purposes and brings us the happiness and contentment we so desire. This series will explore why we need relationships, why we avoid the relationships we need, and how we can make the relationships we have richer and more fulfilling. 

December 1: Relationship is Essential to Being

December 8: Relationship is Essential to Becoming

December 15: Relationship is Essential to Belonging

December 22:  Grab a cup of coffee and have an informal chat with the Rector (with so much going on, a good chance to chat and ask questions).

December 29:  No Adult Education



2018 Adult Christian Education

January 7: “The Path,” Chapter 16 (“Good News of Great Joy”) 

January 14: Mark: The Most Surprising Gospel. Fr. Reed will explore the oddities of the earliest Gospel, which we are following this liturgical year (Year B)

January 21: Annual Budget Review

January 28: Annual Parish Meeting

February 4: “The Path” Chapters 17 and 18

February 11: How to Keep a Holy and Meaningful Lent - Some Tips (Father Reed)

February 18: “The Path” Chapter 19

February 25: “The Path” Chapter 20

March 4: Guest speaker the Very Reverend Tracey Lind on the Spirituality of Dementia (see back of insert for more info)

March 11: Looking at the Psalms in The Saint John’s Bible with Sue Kapp, All Saints’ Librarian

March 18: “The Path” Chapter 21

March 25: Inter-generational Event: Interactive Stations of the Cross

April 1: Easter Day—No Education Classes

April 8: In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Guest Presenter, Myles Lynk will share Moral Choice and Civil Disobedience: Reading the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Myles is a beloved parishioner of All Saints' and also Professor of Law, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law and Professor of Sustainability, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute (GIOS) at Arizona State University.

April 15: “The Path” Chapter 22

April 22: This year’s All Saints’ Haiti Mission Team shares their experiences

April 29: “The Path” Chapter 23

May 6: “The Path” Chapter 24

May 13: Bishop Smith’s Forum "How did the early Church grow so fast and what can we learn from it"

May 20: “The Path” Chapter 25 and final reflections

Episcopal Basics: How to Pray Using our Book of Common Prayer  

Our Prayer Book contains a practice over 500 years old designed to keep us in relationship with God and with Anglican Christians around the world through daily prayer, while systematically exploring the Bible. This practice, the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer, can be done with others or individually, and can be adapted, as needed. The first three weeks will teach and demonstrate how to pray daily Morning and Evening Prayer on one’s own. Beginners welcome! Please bring a Book of Common Prayer from home or the church. The last class will offer practical suggestions on how to make our Sunday Eucharist experience more spiritual and meaningful. You need not attend all four classes: come as you are able!

June 3: How to pray Morning and Evening Prayer 1

June 10: How to pray Morning and Evening Prayer 2

June 17: How to pray Morning and Evening Prayer 3

June 24: Deepening our spiritual experience of the Holy Eucharist

Love Letters: 1, 2 and 3 John

These three New Testament letters, attributed to the author of the Gospel according to John, expand on the theme that “God is love.” The classes, led by the clergy and friends, will help us appreciate both the historical background of the letters’ composition, and their timeless message of love. Bring a Bible in any translation, if you have one. No homework or preparation required.

July 1: Intro to 1, 2, and 3 John

July 8: 1 John Chapter 1

July 15: 1 John 2

July 22: 1 John 3

July 29: 1 John 4

August 5: 1 John 5

August 12: 2 John 1

August 19: Special Class! Director of Music, Joseph Ripka, on musical highlights of the coming year at All Saints’.

August 26: 3 John 1

September 9, 16, 30: A Rule of Life for Busy People

What habits, spiritual and otherwise, give you joy and renew your

spirit and body? What drains you and drags you down? In these three interactive sessions, led by Father Reed, we will explore how to create a “Rule of Life,” an individualized action plan for spirituality, health, and happiness.

September 23: Lord, Teach Us To Pray

This Sunday promises fun opportunities for the whole family to learn together. Learn about the Lord’s Prayer throughout history and some fun tricks for helping children to memorize it. Open to all ages.

October 7: no education classes because of Blessing of the Animals.

October 14: On this Day School Sunday, guest preacher Dr. Serena Beeks will also lead our class. Dr. Beeks is the Executive Director of the Commission on Schools at the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, and has been instrumental in helping us establish and grow our Haiti partnership.

October 21: Come learn about the new Bishop of Arizona, who will have been elected that weekend, and about how we discern and elect bishops in The Episcopal Church (Fr. Reed)

October 28:  Christian Education Hour this day will be our big celebration brunch in Manning Hall — as part of our Commitment Sunday festivities. There will be Celebratory meals after each service this entire weekend. Gatherings after Saturday 5pm and Sunday 7:30am will be in St. Barbara.  Gatherings after Sunday 9am and 11am will be in Manning Hall.  We hope you come—it’s all about Our Community Celebrating Our Commitment to All Saints’. And we cannot do it without you!


November 4: We will hear from Bishop Kirk Smith at his last visit with us as Bishop of Arizona.


November 11: Come meet Beth Fiorenza, the new Executive Director of our mission partner, ICM Food & Clothing Bank and learn about the wonderful ministry happening at ICM!

November 18: An Invitation to a Monastic Rule of Life for Advent (Fr. Reed)

One way to slow down and focus on the real meaning of the season in Advent is to commit to a disciplined pattern. Building on our rule of life classes in September, those who wish to will commit to a shared rule of life for this season (from Dec 2 through Dec 24). This will be similar in structure to what “associates" or “oblates” of religious orders would practice (those who follow aspects of a religious community’s rule of life from a distance). We will agree for the four weeks of Advent to:

  • pray some form of the daily office, except for Sundays
  • attend Eucharist on Saturday or Sunday each week
  • read a shared book on spirituality
  • work with a prayer partner for spiritual friendship and accountability
  • simplify our gift giving somewhat, while doing something for those in need
  • gather at least once as a group for a potluck meal to talk about the book and our experience of the rule

At this session on November 18, we will discuss the details.

November 25: All-Parish Event: Be Prepared, Advent is Coming!

December 2, 9: Understanding the Book of Daniel (Jim Hartley)

December 16, 23: The Infancy Narratives of Jesus: Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 (Grant Washburn)

December 30: No Christian Education.

2017 Adult Christian Education

January 1: New Year's Day - no adult education

January 8: Guest Presenter—The Rt. Rev. Sean W. Rowe Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania/Bishop Provisional of Bethlehem (in Phoenix this weekend for Mother Davis’ wedding)

January 8 Guest Preacher at the Sunday 9am and 11am services:

Also in town for the wedding, we are honored to have the Rev. Canon Whitney B. Kirby preach at the Sunday morning services at All Saints’.

February 12 - March 19:

The Book of Common Prayer

Together with the King James version of the Bible and the works of Shakespeare, The Book of Common Prayer has been one of the three fundamental underpinnings of modern English. The 1979 version is the official book for the Episcopal Church. All services must conform to this standard book. This six-week class on our prayer book will be taught by Father Reed and Bishop Burrill. 

March 26: “Focus on Health: Using your Medications Effectively” with guest, Dennis McAllister R.Ph., FASHP. 

Dennis graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. Practiced in the USAF, community and hospital pharmacy, and was Assistant Dean at the Midwestern University College of Pharmacy-Glendale. He has served on the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy for over 20 years and was appointed by 5 consecutive Governors.

April 2: “Focus on Health: Hold Your Position, Call for Backup: From Life Changing to Life Saving” with guest, Sande Roberts.

Sande will talk about ten situations that can influence people's decisions to contemplate suicide. She will also share ways to figure out people’s personalities and how that helps to speak to their ability to process when they are stressed. She will also share crisis intervention techniques that help de-escalate stress.

Sande Roberts has been in the crisis and behavioral health field for over twenty-five years. She has a master’s degree in psychology, and is a certified by the State of California Department of Mental Health as a trainer of trainers in crisis intervention and suicide prevention. She spent many years working with high-risk teens and families, including time spent in charge of a teen crisis shelter in California, and time spent handling highest risk Child Protective Services cases in Arizona. She is adjunct faculty in the Psychology Department at Phoenix College

April 9: 10:15am Start Time— “Jesus’ Last Week: What Really Happened” Led by Fr. Poulson Reed

April 16: No Class—Easter Day

April 23: Report from the 2017 Haiti Team

April 30: Bishop Kirk Smith’s Annual Visit & Bishop’s Forum

May 7: Celebrating the Life of Father Paul Urbano (on the anniversary of his 100th birthday)

May 14: My Piper Fellowship: What I Did and What I Learned Led by. Fr. Poulson Reed

May 21: Beauty Doubled: The Poetry of This Afternoon’s Concert (Father Reed)   

Come for a preview of the beautiful texts the choir will sing, set to beautiful music, this afternoon! 

Summer Sundays at 9am, Starting Sunday, June 4

“The Daily Bread of the Soul”: Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans

This October marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and there was no more important Biblical book to the reformers than Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Martin Luther called it the “very purest Gospel” and encouraged believers to read it every day as the “daily bread of the soul.” Led by the clergy, we will read Saint Paul’s theological masterpiece, seeking to understand its wisdom for us today. Bring your Bible, in any translation. No homework necessary! 

June 4: Chapter 1

June 11: Chapter 2

June 18: Chapter 3

June 25: Chapters 4-5

July 2: Chapter 6

July 9: Chapter 7

July 16: Chapter 8

July 23: Chapter 9

July 30: Chapter 10

August 6: Chapter 11

August 13: Chapter 12

August 20: Chapter 13-14

August 27: Intergenerational Gathering: LET’S CONNECT! Pastor Baker and the 3rd graders who have completed their faith webs on retreat will lead a special intergenerational class on faith webbing. Come and explore your web! We will gather in the St. Barbara Rooms around 9am and spread out to the patio if space is needed. All ages will be able to participate in this fun opportunity to connect with one another and God!

September 3: Chapters 15-16

Adult Christian Education returns at 10:10am in St. Barbara on Kick-Off Sunday, September 10!

Join us this program year (September – May) as we walk “The Path,” along with our children and youth. The editors of “The Path” describe it this way: it “offers readers a clear and easy-to-read introduction to the grand story of the Bible. Follow the path of God’s love all the way from the beginning to the end, from Adam’s creation to John’s revelation. “The Path” is an experience unlike any other: an amazing 360-degree overview of the vast, sweeping epic of God’s extraordinary love for ordinary people.” You may read ahead in your own copy (available through Forward Movement) during the week, or simply join us on Sundays (no preparation required) as we explore the “greatest hits” of the Bible.

September 10: “The Path,” Chapters 1 (“God Saw that it was Good”) and 2 (“The Sign of the Covenant”)

September 17: “The Path,” Chapter 3 (“The Ancestor of a Multitude”)

September 24: All Parish Service Hour. Inspired by one of our 5th graders, we will be making blankets for our neighbors at Maryland Gardens, as well as notes and other ways to reach out to them.

October 1: “The Path,” Chapter 4 (“Joseph Had a Dream”)

October 8: Guest speaker, The Rev. Canon Victor Austin discusses his book, “Losing Susan.” Books available for purchase and signing at the class.

October 15: “The Path,” Chapter 5 (“I AM WHO I AM”)

October 22: All Parish Connect Event

THE BIG CONNECT: Join us for a potluck brunch at 10:10am! This is a chance for anyone and everyone to connect in fellowship! We will also be recognizing anyone who has been baptized in the last year—it’s a baptism reunion! Bring a dish to share and a friend, we will gather in the St. Barbara rooms and patio.

October 29: “The Path,” Chapter 6 (“The Waters Were Divided”)

November 5: “The Path,” Chapter 7 (“The Wall Fell Down Flat”)

November 12: Enjoy a delicious breakfast for Consecration Sunday, catered by our own Chef Ernesto following the 7:30am, 9am and 11am services. *Dessert reception follows Saturday 5pm service.

November 19: "The Path," Chapter 8 ("The Lord Raised Up Judges")

November 26: No Christian Education this Sunday - Thanksgiving Weekend. Enjoy fellowship at Coffee and Conversation

December 3: "The Path," Chapter 9 (“Speak, For Your Servant is Listening”) and Chapter 10 ("Determined to Have a King")

December 10: “The Path,” Chapter 11 (“A Man after God’s Own Heart”) and Chapter 12 (“The Wisdom of God Was in Him”)

December 17: “The Path,” Chapter 13 (“Here I am; Send Me”) and Chapter 14 (“Daniel, Servant of the Living God”)

December 24: no Christian education

December 31: “The Path,” Chapter 15 (“Go Up and Rebuild”)

2016 Adult Christian Education

January 3: “Getting Your Affairs in Order” An “Open Q&A” with Patrice Al-Shatti about living wills, medical powers of attorney, home DNRs, planning for care, and all things end of life.

January 10: “The Artist as Preacher—Illumination in The Saint John’s Bible” Presented by the Rev. Eric Hollas, O.S.B. from Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN.

January 17: Recent Facility Improvements at All Saints’

Learn from Andy Andersen, Rob Clark, our Sound Professional, and others about new, exciting improvements including our “T-Coil Loop Sound System.”

January 24: Annual Budget Presentation

January 31: Annual Parish Meeting

February 7: Your Best Lent Ever (Father Reed). Tired of the usual Lenten disciplines? Not sure what Lent is or what we are supposed to give up? With Lent just around the corner, come learn more about this opportunity to draw closer to God by giving up those things that are toxic in our lives, and adding channels of grace.

February 14, 21, 28, March 6, 13, 20

Vine and Branches: Lenten Small Groups

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” (John 15:5)

A different way to Pray, Learn, Serve, and Connect: Lenten Sundays from 10 to 10:45am in Saint Barbara. It’s a simple approach to seeking God together: Gather the groups at tables. Pray a short prayer. Read the Gospel for the day. Share how the passage is speaking to you, guided by a few brief questions. Close in prayer. Serve together on our all parish Service Day, April 16. Refresh your spirit. Deepen your connections. Come experience this holy conversation.

March 20: Note SPECIAL TIME 10:15am because of Palm Sunday Holy Week: A Look Inside the Most Important Week of the Christian Year (Fr. Reed)

March 27: Easter Day—No Christian Education. Easter Egg Hunt for Children at 10am in the Memorial Garden.

April 3: Caregiving an Aging Parent. Health Ministries Coordinator Patrice Al-Shatti, LMSW, will share tips for caring for an aging parent in one’s home, assisting a parent living independently in the community, and the struggles of long-distance caregiving.

April 10: Caregiving a Loved One with Serious Illness. Samantha Williamson, LMSW, Palliative Care Social Worker at Mayo Clinic, will discuss self-care strategies for caregivers who have a loved one facing treatment for serious illness.

April 17: JustFaith? We are members of the parish, vestry, and day school who have spent the last 24 weeks meeting as a community to share in a journey of faith and compassion. Our experience together has been life-giving and challenging. We’ve read books, watched videos, hosted guest speakers, shared in prayer, retreats, and hands-on experiences together to better understand how we are called to live as Christians in a hurting world. Please come and hear about our experience in JustFaith. And, please prayerfully continue joining the JustFaith community next year!

April 24: Report from the 2016 Haiti Mission Team

May 1: Making Spiritual Growth A Priority In Our Congregations Guest Presenter: The Rev. Jay Sidebotham. In this Forum, the Rev. Jay Sidebotham, Director of RenewalWorks, will talk about the work he is doing with congregations around the country. RenewalWorks, a ministry of Forward Movement, seeks to build cultures of discipleship in Episcopal congregations by focusing on spiritual growth, for the individual and the whole congregation. Jay will guide us in conversation about what we mean by spiritual growth, what catalysts help spiritual growth to happen and what seems to get in the way.

May 8: Special Guest Presenter: The Rt. Rev. Kirk Stevan Smith, on the day of his Annual Bishop’s Visit and Confirmation.

May 15: Snacks and Fellowship for the last day of our Program Year. Sundaes on Sunday will be going on for children, youth & families.

May 22: Parishioner, Phoebe Fox will share the children’s book she wrote and published. A fun event for both children and adults.

Phoebe will have books on hand for purchase and signing as well.

May 29: No classes

Summer Adult Education

John: The Mystical Gospel

Join us as we read through this unique gospel, so different from the other three, led by our clergy. Learn about John’s mystical Gospel and how to apply it to our lives today. No advance reading necessary, but feel free to bring a Bible in any translation.

June 5: Introduction to John, John Chapter 1

June 12: John 2-3

June 19: John 4-5

June 26: Parishioner Derek Horn presents his new book“Midtown Phoenix”

Fellow parishioner Derek Horn has recently published a history book called “Midtown Phoenix.” With over 200 vintage and contemporary photographs, the book traces the development of the Midtown district from the city’s beginnings to the present. A member of All Saints parish since 2009, Derek is the former Planning and Development director for the city of Phoenix and currently serves as a commissioner on the city’s Historic Preservation Commission.

July 3: John 6-7

July 10: John 8-9

July 17: John 10-11

July 24: John 12-13

July 31: Equipping the Saints for Ministry: The Needs of our Children, Youth, and Family Ministries with Pastor Joie Baker and Mother Holly Davis.

August 7: John 14-15

August 14: John 16-17

August 21: John 18-19

August 28: The Anglican Traditions of Choral Eucharist and Evensong with Dr. James Gerber

September 4: John 20-21

September 11:  About Just Faith
"Have you considered joining Just Faith but haven't made the commitment? Do you want to learn more about how your faith calls you to engage your community? Join us to learn more about this amazing ministry; and hear from last years' Just Faith group about how the program impacted their spiritual journey."

September 18: An Introduction to the Choral Music of the 2016-2017 Season with Director of Music, Scott Youngs.

September 25: What's Up with RenewalWorks with Fr. Poulson Reed

October 2: Animal Poems! (special location: Manning Hall) On this Blessing of the Animals Sunday, come hear some of Father Reed’s favorite poems about pets and other animals. Pets welcome.

October 9: The Art of Generosity

Join us for a fun event for all ages. All Saints’ exists because of the generosity of its people. Take a moment to reflect on what you love most about this community. Visit 5 interactive stations to reflect on this through your creativity. This event will run from 10:05-10:50am and take place in designated spaces on the patio, in the St. Barbara rooms, and in the church. We will all begin in the sanctuary at 10:05am. A sampling of activities will also be available after the Saturday 5pm and Sunday 7:30am services to participate in this fun inter-generational project!


October 16: A Dynamic Collaboration: One Painter’s Perspective on the Illuminations of The Saint John’s Bible, with special guest speaker, Suzanne Moore.

One of only two American artists chosen to create illuminations for The Saint John’s Bible, Vashon Island (Washington) resident, Suzanne Moore, worked on this “Bible for the 21st century” over a span of 10 years, beginning in 2001. Challenged by creative director Donald Jackson to develop images unlike any seen before, Moore worked closely with the Committee on Illumination & Text at Saint John’s Abbey and University to develop original illuminations of extraordinary beauty and power. Moore’s presentation will offer insights into the approach, creative process and techniques she used as a contributor to this modern-day Bible. 

October 23 and 30: Bridging the Divide: Faithful Citizens in Tumultuous Times. How might we see our political choices (whatever our party) through the lens of faith? What can we do as centrist, “big tent" Christians to help heal the divisions within our country? Led by Father Reed.


November 6, 13, 20, 27: The Writing of the Gospels

Taught by Jim Hartley. Inspired by God to share their faith, four authors in the final third of the first century wrote down the story of Jesus Christ as they understood it. The class will look at one gospel each week with the purpose of showing why and how they were written.

Jim Hartley, along with his wife, Suellen, have been attending All Saints' for four years. He graduated from Williams College (BA), Union Theological Seminary in NYC (M.Div), and the School of Theology at Claremont (D.Min). He is a retired Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister.

December 3: The All Saints’ Creative Community Art Show and Sale is in St. Barbara. Come browse the talent of the parish and meet the artists! 

December 11 and 18: Slow Down, It’s Advent!  

How do we slow down in a season that seems so fast and hectic? Join Father Reed for this exploration of spiritual techniques to help us take time for God, for others, and for ourselves in this holy season of preparation. Among the practices we will discuss are mindfulness, silence, and more meaningful gift-giving.

December 25: Christmas Day – no adult education