The Rev. Timothy  J. Yanni, BCC

The Rev. Timothy J. Yanni (Fr. Tim) was ordained a priest in December of 2016. Prior to serving as Associate Rector at All Saints’, he served as the Spiritual Care Manager and Lead Chaplain at a community hospital in Ogden, Utah. Fr. Tim attended seminary at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California, where his coursework focused heavily on the study of liturgical Christian worship and on pastoral care.  His coursework brought him to San Quentin State Prison in California’s Bay Area. Fear not, however, as his time at San Quentin was served as a prison chaplain intern and not as an inmate. Fr. Tim is a board certified chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains.


Fr. Tim was born in Utah and raised in California’s Imperial Valley. He grew up in El Centro, California, and moved back to Utah in his early 20s. In his “previous life,” Fr. Tim worked as a sports journalist. He actually visited Arizona a number of times to report on the Arizona Cardinals, the Bowl, and Major League Baseball’s spring training. He later worked in the hospitality industry, where he met his wife, Brandy.


Fr. Tim married Brandy in 2018. One of their favorite ways to spend time together is to travel the world. So far, they have visited France three times and Mexico a number of times. They also have been to Italy, England, Portugal, Spain, Holland, and Belgium. They have also traveled across the United States from Hawaii to up and down the East Coast. Their guilty pleasure is Disney Parks; they have been to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris, and they hope to visit other Disney parks together in the future. Fr. Tim has two stepdaughters, Alexa and Jordan. Alexa and her husband, Alex, are parents of two-year-old Holden, who has Fr. Tim wrapped around his little finger. 


Fr. Tim enjoys playing golf, spending time outdoors, and watching spectator sports, especially football. He plays the guitar and loves music from the 60s and 70s. He can be a practical joker and he loves to have fun. He is thrilled to serve at All Saints and is happy to once again live where he is surrounded by palm trees and he doesn’t have to shovel snow during the winter.